Upgrade The Things Stack Cloud to v3.21.0
Scheduled Maintenance Report for The Things Industries
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Posted Aug 09, 2022 - 15:02 CEST
In progress
Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Posted Aug 09, 2022 - 12:00 CEST
During this maintenance window we will upgrade The Things Stack Cloud to v3.21.0.

We do not expect noticeable downtime during this deployment.

Here is the changelog since the current version v3.20.2:

### Added

- Network Operations Center with gateway insight. This is a new component that you can access at your deployment domain under the `/noc` path.
- This requires a database schema initialization (`tti-lw-stack noc-db init`). If you are currently using Postgres without TimescaleDB, [install the TimescaleDB extension](https://docs.timescale.com/install/latest/#install-timescaledb) before initializing the database.
- Component selector for Join Server interoperability configuration. This allows administrators to declare separate Network Server and Application Server configuration for the same JoinEUI ranges in the same interoperability configuration. See [documentation](https://www.thethingsindustries.com/docs/reference/interop-repository/).
- `BatchGetGatewayConnectionStats` RPC to fetch Gateway Connection Stats for a batch of gateways.
- The ability to disable the downlink scheduling mechanism for individual end devices (`mac-settings.schedule-downlinks`).
- This option is useful during a migration procedure in order to force the end device to join the new network. The Network Server will no longer schedule any data downlinks or MAC commands, and will stop answering potential join requests.
- Configurable limits for the number of entity memberships an organization or user can have, as well as limits on the number of end devices in an application.
- This requires a database schema migration (`ttn-lw-stack is-db migrate`) because of the added columns.
- This introduces new configuration options `is.{user,organization}-limits.{applications,clients,gateways}` and `is.application-limits.end-devices` that default to "unlimited" (consistent with the old behavior).
- A new implementation of the Identity Server storage layer. In v3.21.0 the new implementation is not yet used by default, but it can be enabled with the `is.bunstore` feature flag. A new database driver can be enabled with the `is.pgdriver` feature flag.
- This requires a database schema migration (`ttn-lw-stack is-db migrate`) because of added columns and views.
- Support for comma-separated (`,`) values in The Things Stack CSV file format for importing end devices.
- Support for the `RxParamSetup`, `RxTimingSetup`, `TxParamSetup`, and `DlChannel` sticky answer mechanism. The commands were supported previously, but subsequent sticky responses would cause the Network Server to drop the MAC command buffer in certain situations.
- Button with connection to the Network Operations Center in the Console.

### Changed

- Deleted users are no longer included in primary email addresses uniqueness checks. This allows a user to create a new account which uses the email address of a deleted account.
- This requires a database schema migration (`ttn-lw-stack is-db migrate`) due to updated indices.
- Tenants created with the CLI now use a generated password and have the tenant state approved by default.
- Tenant initial users are now always tenant administrator.
- The CLI settings fields `retry-config.enable_metadata` and `retry-config.default_timeout` have been renamed to `retry.enable-metadata` and `retry.default-timeout` for consistency reasons.
- Generated device ID based on a DevEUI from an imported CSV file is now prepended by `eui-`. This is consistent with generated device IDs by the Console.
- The Claim Authentication Code (CAC) field is stored in the Identity Server instead of the Join Server.
- This requires a database schema migration (`ttn-lw-stack is-db migrate`) because of the added columns.
- CAC values stored currently in the Join Server should be migrated to the Identity Server. One method is to run the following CLI commands on each device with a CAC.
- Read the current values using `ttn-lw-cli dev get --claim-authentication-code`. This will fetch the value stored in the Join Server as a fallback.
- Write back the value read `ttn-lw-cli dev set --claim-authentication-code.valid_from [xxx] --claim-authentication-code.valid_to [xxx] --claim-authentication-code.value `. This will by default write to the Identity Server.
- Note that this requires a minimum CLI version of 3.21.0.
- Device Repository no longer uses the `ApplicationID` for validating requests. Authentication is still necessary, but the `ApplicationID` field has been deprecated in the Device Repository API.

### Fixed

- Console showing `404 Not Found` errors for pages containing user IDs in the path, when the user ID has a length of two.
- CLI no longer panics when deleting a device without JoinEUI, this scenario only occurred when deleting a device that uses ABP.
- Console crashing when navigating to certain Packet Broker network configuration pages.
- Packet Broker network pages becoming inaccessible until refreshing after a user navigates to a non-existing network.
- The batch update query for `EndDevice.LastSeenAt` field now specifies the data type of the placeholders.
- This resolves an issue in the Console where `Last activity` values were inconsistent.
Posted Aug 05, 2022 - 19:03 CEST
This scheduled maintenance affected: The Things Stack Cloud (Europe 1 (eu1), Europe 2 (eu2), North America 1 (nam1), Australia 1 (au1)).